PRE ORDER ONLY – Bingo’s Smart Rolling Tray – Long Shipping, Very Low Price

$30.00 $10.00

Help us raise and fund our next product and get the full masterpiece including:

  • 1 Bamboo Rolling tray 8*8inch with 2.25inches grinder chamber
  • Lacquer varnish on the Bamboo rolling surface
  • Cut surface to make placing the herb on the paper easily
  • 1 King Size rolling paper chamber with a branded costume metal plate
  • 1 Extra chamber for accessories
  • 1 Bamboo Collector
  • 1 Canvas Stash Bag for free! (Available when buying 2 or more pcs).

At a very low profit to us (If there’s a profit at all)
Is that a super amazing overwhelming great deal or WHAT?!

The product will be at your door between 16/7/19 to 1/9/19.

Limited for the first 50 purchasers.

Thank you for helping Bingo’s Solutions Grow!