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Blunt Glass Tips – The one and only

Several things you need to know before pulling out your wallet
when it comes for lighting up a Blunt with a proper Glass Tip.
In this article, we brought everything you need to know,

before the lighter lights

  1. Know your expected diameter! Every smoker likes his own tip size in his mouth,
    you cannot expect someone to enjoy different diameters of a tip it is just weird.
    The common diameters are 8mm Blunt Glass Tips / 6.5mm Blunt Glass Tips.
    We do not recommend using a different diameter than those sizes and we checked them all.
  2. Know your rolling skills – Some tips are harder to roll than others.
    Use better tips to improve your blunt rolling.
    Glass is the easiest, due to the smooth slide on them Blunts.
  3. Consider not using tobacco – We know using tobacco is a touchy subject for some smokers,
    but when using a blunt, some things are different. Remember the blunt made from tobacco leaf.
    Adding more tobacco to your hits (considering the blunt leaf added anyhow) is not healthy,
    not tasty (even if you like tobacco) and your glass tip will get dirtier.
    The Blunt Glass Tip only soaks 0.4% active ingredients, comparing to regular cigarettes filter that soaks 4% active ingredient.
    That difference is rough, and your throat will know it.
  4. The mouth tip – The contact between the tip and your mouth is something you need to pay attention to.
    The most common Glass Tips come in flat mouth tips or rounded mouth tips,
    we recommend adjusting the mouth tip to your mouth with an Ergonomic Blunt Glass Tips mouths
    to extract the best from your experience and your money.
  5. Prices – Blunt Glass tips prices get between 5$-30$/pc, anything more than that is theft,
    anything less than that will probably feel the same when hitting with it.

If you have any notes
or something from your own experience you think that needs to be added to this list,
don’t hesitate, tell us here!

Try Bingo’s Blunt Glass Tips to get the best use of your Buds & Blunts.

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