NEW Bingo's UltraLight Glass Filter Tips, 3 designs , Model Black Screen


It’s your Joints we care about

NEW Bingo's UltraLight Glass Filter Tips, 3 designs , Stiff at the end of rolling with Bingos New Keychain

Poke when done


Smooth and easy to roll with


Increase flavor, THC & CBD

You can roll better!

Dedicating our days, nights and between to help you roll better!


Use the fast lane to be a Professional Roller
with Great Looking joint’s in a flash!


Get rid of your specific difficulty!

  • For smoother rolling of the paper on the filter – Grab Bingo’s Smart Filter Tips to ease the roll!

More Smart Tips Features:

  • Made to Ease the Rolling Process. Helping more and more!
  • THC & CBD Accelerator (60% THC soaking difference from paper filter)! 
  • Fuller Flavor and Taste of Your Buds with Every hit!
  • Better Grip with lips, Ergonomic Handmade Designed Mouths 
  • Elegant New Refreshing Experience
  • Carry Everywhere with Bingo’s Smart Key chains!
  • Poker at the Key chain bottom to help Design the Final Touch!
Bingo's Smart Rolling Tray models COMFORT Shows how to roll a joint or a blunt with glass tips and rolling tray

New! Bingo’s Smart Rolling Tray

Bingos Smart Bamboo Rolling Tray Main Image model COMFORT
Bingo's Bamboo Rolling tray description comfort, rolling paper cartridges, grinder chamber, joint / glass tips holder
Bingos Smart Bamboo Rolling Tray Metal Lid Cover Image model COMFORT
Bingos Smart Bamboo Rolling Tray Using Image model COMFORT

Buy 3 glass tips to get a Free Smart rolling tray and KS rolling papers!

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