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Anyone who smokes cannabis has his own way of smoking, some likes treating their bud like a king, and some just through it on a paper and light it up. We all has our own way, But in this article, we’ll talk about the high way, the Professional’s way, of smoking a Blung with Glass Tips. Know your own way of lighting up a Blunt, and let us know if our products helps. Rolling a joint can be daunting for some when they start out, but once you get used to it, its like a walk in the park.

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Glass Blunt Tips

Before you start rolling a Blunt, there are several different techniques you should know, including using, Blunt Glass filter tips, paper crutch and more, to achieve the best joint. Rolling techniques come in different forms, some modern architectural marvels, and others are just fun to try.

Here are the top 5 ways for the best Glass Blunt Tips.

You’ll Get There!

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Raw rolling papers

Are you trying to find the easiest way to roll a joint, there are different types of rolling paper material that you can use and make the whole process easier if you’re having troubles with the blunts. All of them have unique characteristics which affect the way you roll the joint and even smoke. If you are a beginner, you should try using the hemp paper. Make sure you choose the right size and roll slowly and precisely. for more info of How to roll, visit our Blog at the top menu.

RAW King size classic rolling papers with tips
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Bingos Glass Tips
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Using blunt filter tips

Rolling with papers or Blunts? Doesn’t matter, you’ll still need Filter Tips for a perfect joint/Blunt roll. The filter tips prevent you from inhaling any material and stop soggy ends, which most people experience, but don’t like. The filter tips has been created to give you a better smoking experience because it creates a perfect platform for your fingers and most of them has ergonomic mouth tips to fit your lips perfectly. Blunt filter tips are small but important product, to be the middle between you and your bud. Choose it wisely.

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Pack it tight

Some people love rolling a cone, standard doodle or a baseball bat, whether you are rolling either of those always ensure you pack it down so you can achieve smooth hits. However, avoid packing it too tight, or your hits will be too hard to take, then you’ll end up breaking it open and Rolling all over again.

NEW Bingo's UltraLight Glass Filter Tips, 3 designs , Stiff at the end of rolling with Bingos New Keychain
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Bingos Glass Filter TIps Easy way to roll

Smart Blunt Glass Filter Tips

Glass filter tips allow you to enjoy your herb like a Professional does in 2019. we didn’t made this product from scratch withou thinking how we can improve you rolling and smoking experience, we know herb, and we can help you enjoy it better with your blunts, try Bingo’s Smart Tips and let us know you opinion. With Bingo’s Smart Blunt filter tip you can also carry it anywhere you go with it’s key chain, smoke and there will be no presence of tar on your lips or fingers. The Bingo’s Blunt Filter tips have a pinch in the glass. and many more features only pro’s will notice.

NEW Bingo's UltraLight Glass Filter Tips, 3 designs , Model Black Screen

Use a Crutch

Remember the Crutch or Blunt Tip is your base while rolling, the better the Filter Tip, the easier the rolling and smoking will be. How to use a proper Blunt Tip? Just like using a regular filter, place it at the end of the paper/blunt, and use it as a base a guideline to the rest of the rolling procedure.


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