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10 ways to increase your high

More THC & CBD with every hit

In this article we’ll try to define the best ways to accelerate your high feeling in variate ways, you’ll probably be surprised about the things you could do so that bud of yours will do its work much better.

Hint? it’s not always a THC subject.

Let’s get started!

1. Blunts!

One of the best ways to increase the impact of your bud on your body! here’s why:

What is Blunt?

Blunt is a tobacco leaf that supposed hold your weed inside.

Here are a couple of benefits the blunt has:

  • Blunts burn slower than regular rolling papers which allows you to smoke your joint (blunt) slower, and extract better potential from every trichome that your buds carry.
  • Blunts has extraordinary flavors from different brands. Most of them are great!
  • Some say that the taste of the stuff is better, to the fact of the heavier puffs and reacher authentic taste.
  • Some say blunts are harder to roll with – the blunt is a natural tobacco leaf, like mentioned. Therefor the blunt has more trouble sticking to itself and more likely to tare apart if not being treated gently and properly while rolling. *tip- try extra moistening, but not too much or it will rip off. (If rips off, use moistening again only with your finger). Visit here for a better guide.

And here are some downfalls of the Blunt:

  • Sometimes in the middle of smoking, the blunt is opened and you need to stick it together again.

2. Change your Filter Tips!

The filter tip you’re using got a lot of impact on your high feeling. The regular paper filter is soaking 1% of your THC from every hit you take, meaning instead of getting that THC in your body, you leave it on the paper, right before it should reach you!

On a study made by Cannabis Magazine is Israel (The country in which the THC is firstly discovered by Dr, Rephael Meshulam), the study shows how much THC percentage every filter soaks. And guess which filter has the less soaking features without harming your body? Guessed right! it the Glass Tips, here are some cool things to know about it:

Here are a couple of benefits the blunt has:

3. Good music-

The oldest trick in the book.

THC is known by letting the user increase his senses and making things deeper than a regular feeling, It’s not a professional opinion that’s just how I get it. If you want to increase your high feeling and better use your extra gentle senses, Good music is one of the best ways to enjoy your time for centuries!

Here are some nice artists to help your senses dance.

Mark Eliyahu Youtube Channel

Infected Mushroom Youtube Channel

Kalya Scintila Youtube Channel

4. Intimacy-

Nothing like it, with the ones you love, like your favorite strain and your special partner ;), from here you can take it yourself.

5. Views/Places!

Well, personally I never admired looking at the same picture for minutes and admiring the nothingness, but I grew up, today views are one of the most calming things I can get. Looking or beeing in a beautiful place can increase your high, maybe the most important thing!


6. Good conversation-

Good conversations to increase your high

As known, weed and especially while it’s inside a good blunt with a Blunt Filterto increase THC levels and smoking experience, can be a good way to get in deeper in conversations and understanding others and even ourselves better. While talking and arguing about things that matter to us, we can discover ourselves to ourselves and to others, we can explore new and unrevealed places in ourselves and others.

7. Good People!

The people around you are infecting your feeling much harder when your under influence, try making sure you feel comfy with them, for example, if you won’t feel comfy to start laughing out loud in front of someone, you’ll probably won’t enjoy this specific high, no matter how many filters you’ll change or how nice the place is. ppl are so important, ha?

8. The Munchies-

The Master of all highs. Nothing like blowing your mouth with extra sweet/sour/whatever makes it to you, don’t forget to share with others =].

9. Cigarette-

From where I come from, a cigarette is called “an elevator “ in stoned situations (the first cigarette after a joint). Cuz Some say inhaling a regular cigarette lets some of the rest leftovers of THC in your throat enter the lounges as well. Try it and share your experience with us in the comments!

10. Another joint!

If you’re just not satisfied with your high level, after all, allow yourself to light another one up! or get a better bud =]

I hope you found some good ideas! Good luck guys!

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