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10 ways to increase your high

More THC & CBD with every hit


  1. Blunts!

    One of the best ways to smoke your way out of the day.

A blunt is a tobacco leaf that you’re supposed to roll your herb inside it.
The average smoker that will enjoy his puffs with this nice fellow will enjoy:

  • Blunts burns slower than regular rolling papers which allows you to smoke your joint (blunt) slower, and reach better potential from every trichomes in your bud, while burning it slowly.
  • Blunts has extraordinary flavors from different brands. Most of them are great!
  • Some say that the taste of the stuff is better, to the fact of the heavier puffs and reacher taste.
  • Some say blunts are harder to roll with – the blunt is a natural tobacco leaf, like mentioned- therefor the blunt has more trouble sticking to itself and more likely to tare apart if not being treated gently and properly while rolling. *tip- try extra moistening, but not too much or it will rip off. (If rips off, use moistening again but with your finger).
  • Sometimes in the middle of smoking, the blunt is opened and you need to stick it together again.
  • Knowing how to roll a blunt properly is not a task for beginners, though rollers from birth will get the point right away.


  1. Glass Filter Tips-

    Glass tips are one of the most recommended products for those who want to increase their high, the reason? Glass tips allows inhaling more THC to the body, the glass soaks not too much THC like carton filter (1% compares to 0.4%. 60% difference) So the high and the extra flavor will be noticed from the first hit.

Bingo's Solutions Glass Filter Tips


  1. Good music-

    THC is known by letting the user increase his senses and making things deeper than a regular feeling, It’s not a professional opinion that’s just how I get it.
    If you want to increase your high feeling and better use your extra gentle senses,
    Good music is one of the best ways to enjoy your time for centuries!
    Here are some recommended music for weed:

    • Roll yourself one, get closer to yourself, and listen to this.
    • Let us raise the bar a bit and check this out! New genre!

      • Another great piece from Mark Eliyahu from Israel is called “Sands”, a very very special track:

  1. Intimacy-

    Nothing like it, with the ones you love, like your favorite strain and your special partner ;), from here you can take it yourself..


    Well, personally I never admired looking at the same picture for minutes and admiring the nothingness, but I grew up, today views are one of the most calming things I can get.

6. Good conversation-

As known, weed and especially while it’s inside a good blunt with a glass filter tip to increase THC levels and smoking experience, can be a good way to get in deeper in conversations and understanding others and even ourselves better. While talking and arguing about things that matter to us, we can discover ourselves to ourselves and to others, we can explore new and unrevealed places in ourselves and others.
Good conversations to increase your high

7. Beach chair-

Well no, we don’t have a product for it, not yet. We just happened to use it and it’s great for chilling.
That’s a product that raises the outdoor chilling experience to a whole new level!
Nothing like a good position while the trichomes get you. Make sure you are in a place you feel comfortable in, make sure your body feels good and safe, that will maximize your fun out of everything.


Bingos The Inflatable Anywhere Pillow

8. The Munchies-

the Master of all highs. Nothing like blowing your mouth with extra sweet/sour/whatever makes it to you, don’t forget to share with others =].

9. Cigarette-

From where I come from, a cigarette is called “an elevator “ in stoned situations (the first cigarette after a joint). Cuz Some say inhaling a regular cigarette lets some of the rest leftovers of thc in your throat enter the lounges as well. Try it and share with us in the comments!

10. Another joint!

If you’re just not satisfied with your high level, after all, allow yourself to light another one up! or get a better bud =]

Hope you found some good ideas over there! good luck guys!

Check out our Glass Filter Tips (great with blunts).

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