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Blunt Filter Tips

How to roll a Blunt with a Glass Filter Tip

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Blunt definition:

Blunt is a tobacco leaf. Similar to what you can see on Cigars.

Why should I use Blunts? Blunts Benefits:

Burn Slower- Blunts burn much slower than regular rolling papers, which allows the consumer enjoy his smoke for a longer time and for a longer period of time.

Extra taste- for those who like the taste of tobacco, Blunts will do a great job on this matter.

Elegant Smoking Experience- Smoking used to be just a habit for stoners, but today things are different. Smoking now days has become an experience in which a smoker can express himself, using different types of material inside his joint or blunt, using different types of accessories and features such as glass tips for joints to reach the maximum of whatever he is trying to achieve, whether if it’s for medical use or just for fun on his free time. Blunts allow the consumer to smoke like a professional and use the best of his material inside the blunts for the best way.

Blunt’s costs and prices?

Blunts are not supposed to cost much, we believe 2-4$ for a 2Pack is a good deal, depends on your location.


Why use a Blunt Filter Tips glass filter tip while using a blunt?

  1. Blunt Filter Tips allows you to prevent your regular paper filter to soak your THC and CBD from your joint/blunt. According to a research made by Cannabis Magazine in Israel, Regular carton filter soaks up to 1.0% of your THC, while glass filter soaks only 0.4%.
  2. Less smell on your hands- as mentioned, the glass doesn’t soak any material to the glass body, which allows you to stay with less tobacco smell on your hands when glass tips for joints.
  3. Easy to roll with- those who have trouble rolling a blunt/joint may find the glass shape as a great helper while rolling a blunt/joint! The glass hard shape allows your hands to use the glass as a mother base when rolling and designing the shape of the joint/blunt. Using a glass tip makes rolling a piece of cake. If you didn’t try it- you got to! (we have 100% money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with your purchase.
  4. Elegant smoking experience with Blunt Filter Tips- nothing to add- smoking with a glass tip is a much sexier experience and look, women love it and men are just thrilled about it. Great social thing to add to your routine high’s =]


Blunts are one the accessories that smokers all over the world love to use.
For this reason, we decided to make a detailed guide for you guys about how to roll a blunt easily!