How to roll a joint or a blunt with glass filter tips in 6 simple steps

pros thing how to roll a joint or a blunt with glass filter tips joint shape with bingos smart glass tips

The most detailed and informative guide!
How to roll a joint with Glass Filter Tips including videos and pictures.
Become a rolling master in 2 minutes effort!

All you need to know about rolling a joint.
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My lungs are my witnesses

Less than a minute how to roll a joint with glass filter tips here:

For a more detailed guide, have a roll down …

Reading time: 2 minutes

So we figured you want to roll your joints own properly?
No relying on anyone?
We feel you!
The good news is, it’s not that hard at all,
especially if listening carefully and applying the info in this article precisely.


  1. Some herb to fill it properly
  2. One Smart tip / any other filter
  3. Rolling papers (any size is ok)


Let’s get practical!

The A-Z guide about how to roll a joint or blunt with glass filter tip.

**NOTE – Pay attention to my finger choice and location all over the process. Try to do exactly the same**

1. Take your favorite Glass Filter Tip and put it in the middle of your rolling paper/blunt,
while the glue side is facing towards 12 o’clock from you.
Again, pay attention to my fingers choice and location. Just like in the pictures:


2. Put your finest stuff inside the paper, IMPORTANT: Make sure the part that’s close to the filter is properly filled, just like in the next picture.
otherwise your joint might wreck down later and hits will feel too airy.
The base of the joint (the part between the filter and the middle of the paper) is super important,
it influences both your joint balance and more important- your joint or blunt airflow while smoking, make sure it’s not too stuffed but still full.


 Fill the rest of the joint with your stuff.



3. The next part is rolling your paper up and down while your guideline for stability is your filter, (improve stability here
starting while both hands on the glass side and easily sliding your left hand throw the joint to design the angle, (Don’t be too jentle, but don’t be too aggresive to try to find the right amount of strentgh you use with your fingers).

This part needs to give the herb a rolled shape (6 sec video):


4. Roll your joint just like in the previous step and stop when the herb first revile,
while the glue side is all the way up and the unglued side is infront of the joint.


5. Moving forward now this is where most people get lost, so stay with me:
The only thing that matters now is that the right paper edge (not the side with glue) on the side of the glass filter will get under the rest of the paper tightly (not too tight but don’t be afraid to use some strentgh).

So put your right thumb the closest to the edge of the paper and start rolling the joint towards you.
While left hand is helping it get inside and watch it starts slipping inside.
Now use your other hand to shape the rest of the joint/blunt
while still rolling it towards you with right hand. It should take seconds after you’ll practice it (9 sec vid):

6. Last part but very important- Lick it, then keep rolling it while both hands are shaping it’s closer.

 That’s the outcome (stiff it with bingo’s keychain):


I hope you did well! 

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